Employment and Graduate Studies


My degree prepared me for both the rigor and the social challenge of an MBA. The liberal arts education and my major equipped me with the tools I need to succeed.

Layan Abu Yassin, MBA student at NYU Stern

The Economics major at NYU Abu Dhabi is designed to foster rigorous analytical abilities, critical writing and communication skills, and the capacity to interpret and use statistical data — all in the service of developing sound economic reasoning and problem-solving skills. These transferable strengths are of value in a broad array of academic and professional paths:

  • economics
  • business
  • law
  • public service
  • graduate studies

Where Are They Now?

Economics graduates from NYU Abu Dhabi are working and in graduate schools around the world. This is just a small sample.


  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Deloitte
  • Deutche Bank
  • Edelman
  • Fortress Investment Group
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Partners in Performance
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • QInvest
  • Republic Cement Service

Grad Schools

  • Communication University of China
  • NYU Stern
  • Towson University

NYUAD gave me a strong and vibrant foundation. I look forward to using my higher education to be an active participant in the transformative economy and ever-changing global culture in the UAE.

Sara Bahermez, Fulbright Scholar

The Career Development Center at NYU Abu Dhabi works with students to help improve interpersonal skills, find internship and job opportunities, and prepare for graduate school.