Students who major in Computer Science must complete 17.5 courses.

Requirements Course Details
9 required courses Introduction to Computer Science; Discrete Mathematics; Data Structures; Computer Systems Organization; Algorithms; Operating Systems; Computer Networks; Software Engineering; Calculus with Applications: Science and Engineering
2 major elective courses Computer Science
Half course (0.5) Research Seminar in Computer Science
2 Capstone Seminar and Project
4 minor courses Students majoring in computer science must complete one of the following: minor in Applied Mathematics, Economics, Engineering, Interactive Media (the elective courses within this minor must be selected from the Computational Media cluster), Natural Sciences, or Sound and Music Computing. Note that completing a major in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Interactive Media (at least two elective courses must be selected from the Computational Media cluster), or Business, Organizations and Society (BOS), supersedes the need to complete one of the listed minors.

Sample Course Schedule

The following is an example of a typical course schedule for Computer Science majors during four years of study.

Computer Science (PDF)

Course List