Program Structure

The goal of the Computer Science major is to train students both in the fundamental principles of computer science and in related aspects of technology, to broaden the knowledge base of computer science majors, and demonstrate the relevance of computer technology to other disciplines. 

Computer Science majors must complete a minor or a major in one of the following areas:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Business, Organizations and Society
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Interactive Media
  • Natural Science
  • Sound and Music Computing.

The Program in Computer Science embraces a rich variety of subjects and provides great flexibility, allowing students to tailor courses of study to their particular interests. Advanced undergraduate students can work on research projects with faculty members engaged in projects of mutual interest. Study abroad for students majoring in Computer Science occurs in the fall semester of the third year, during which students spend the semester at NYU in New York, Shanghai, or London. The option for students majoring in Computer Science to enroll in a second semester abroad is competitive, granted by permission of the Program in Computer Science and the Dean of Science, and requires registration in the course Capstone Project in Computer Science 1 at the student’s chosen site within NYU’s global network. The program strongly recommends that at least one elective Computer Science course be taken in Abu Dhabi.


The small class sizes and high engagement at NYUAD really gave me a good educational foundation. The focus on independent learning, research, and projects prepared me for the situation I'm in now, where I have a lot of freedom to work independently.

Ling Zhang, computer science alumni, now working as a software engineer