Program Structure

The goal of the Computer Science program is to train students both in the fundamental principles of computer science and in related aspects of information technology. The program embraces a rich variety of subjects and provides great flexibility, allowing students to tailor courses of study to their particular interests. Possible specializations include computer graphics and computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, networking, databases, and software development. Advanced undergraduate students can work on research projects with faculty members engaged in projects of mutual interest.

The Computer Science program offers non-major courses for students from all backgrounds and fields. Computer science and technology enable students to develop the skills needed to supplement their careers and interests. All levels are accommodated, regardless of prior knowledge. Those with adequate computer experience may take advanced classes. Students are introduced to the advancements that are being made in computers and the Internet, and gain practical knowledge of this field. The courses enable students to obtain the essential background to enter this dynamic field and/or to acquire important skills to support their own major.