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Bioengineering graduates are well placed to work in management, production or research and development in a variety of industries – such as medical devices, diagnostics, genetics, healthcare industry support, pharmaceutical manufacture, drug discovery, environmental remediation, or agricultural advancement – as well as in nonprofit and academic research. Many go on to receive advanced degrees in bioengineering or a related field, or to medical school. Other students find the rigor of bioengineering a useful launching point for careers in business or law.

The implementation of a Bioengineering major at NYUAD will continue the impressive record of employment rates and high satisfaction levels reported by NYUAD graduates and their employers alike in the past years.

Our Bioengineering major will be linked to opportunities for internships not only in Abu Dhabi but also internationally, for instance, with faculty at the newly formed Biomedical Engineering Department at Tandon in New York.  During their four-year tenure at NYU Abu Dhabi, the Class of 2015 held 214 internships (approximately 1.5 internships per student), contributing strongly to the confidence employers bestow on graduates, and their subsequent successful employment rates.  For all these reasons, the graduates of the NYUAD Bioengineering program will have ample prospects for satisfying and productive Bioengineering-related employment both in the region and internationally.

Our program, along with other entities within NYUAD, will train graduates that are (1) ready to practice as bioengineers, (2) bio-entrepreneurs taking NYU-grown bioengineering technology to commercialization, (3) geared for graduate school in research or in medicine. Specifically, we are engaging startAD, an NYUAD-Abu Dhabi Government initiative, to provide a springboard for keen graduates to venture into the realm of technological startups. Also, faculty members from the division of Science and Engineering at NYUAD have initiated the development of a Bioengineering-centric research center that will enhance practical and research skills for graduates of the Bioengineering program.

The Career Development Center at NYU Abu Dhabi works with students to help improve interpersonal skills, find internship and job opportunities, and prepare for graduate school.

Doors Open with a NYUAD Degree 

Our alumni leave NYUAD with jobs and graduate schools lined up for them.

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