Students who major in Bioengineering must complete 24.25 courses.

Requirements Course Details
4.5 required courses in
Foundations of Science 1-4
SCIEN-UH 1101–1103 Energy and Matter
SCIEN-UH 1201–1203 Forces and Interactions
SCIEN-UH 1301–1304 Systems in Flux
SCIEN-UH 1401–1404 Form and Function
4 required courses in Mathematics MATH-UH 1012 Calculus with Applications:
Science and Engineering
MATH-UH 1020 Multivariable Calculus:
Science and Engineering
MATH-UH 1023 Fundamentals of Linear Algebra
(half course)
MATH-UH 1024 Fundamentals of Ordinary Differential Equations (half course)
ENGR-UH 2010Q Probability and Statistics for Engineers (half course)
ENGR-UH 2026 Partial Differential Equations for Engineers (half course)
4.25 required Common Courses in Engineering ENGR-UH 1000 Computer Programming for Engineers
ENGR-UH 1010 Engineering Ethics (0.25 course)
ENGR-UH 1021J Design and Innovation (half course)
ENGR-UH 2011 Engineering Statics (half course)
ENGR-UH 2012 Conservation Laws in Engineering
(half course)
ENGR-UH 2013 Digital Logic (half course)
ENGR-UH 2017 Numerical Methods (half course)
ENGR-UH 2019 Circuits Fundamentals (half course)
5 major required courses SCIEN-UH 1501-1503 Foundations of Science 5
SCIEN-UH 1601-1603 Foundations of Science 6
CHEM-UH 3101 Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences (half course)
ENGR-UH 1801 Bioengineering Principles (half course)
ENGR-UH 2811 Biotransport Phenomena (half course)
ENGR-UH 2810 Biomechanics (half course)
ENGR-UH 2812 Bioimaging (half course)
ENGR-UH 4810 Biomaterials (half course)
5 major elective courses All tracks must take at least three engineering courses to fulfill the ABET requirement (12-cr)
Pre-med track are highly encouraged to take:
CHEM-UH 2010 Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM-UH 3010 Organic Chemistry 2
1.5 Capstone ENGR-UH 4011 Capstone Design Project 1 (half course) 
ENGR-UH 4020 Capstone Design Project II