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Most of our latest alumni are working in these five industries.

A lot of doors open up when you have a degree from NYU Abu Dhabi. Last year, about a third of graduates from the Class of 2018 decided to pursue graduate school while a much bigger fraction, 62 percent, went straight into the workforce and are currently employed in 50 countries around the world.

Like most of his classmates, computer science major Peter Si from South Korea decided to get a job right away.

“I started getting into finance technology because of the bitcoin hype … I became more and more curious about the potential impact of blockchain in the banking world and applied to and joined Goldman Sachs,” where he’s working now as an analyst in their London office.


I became curious about the potential impact of blockchain in the banking world.

Alumnus Peter Si, analyst, Goldman Sachs

Surveys of the last graduating class show that Si is among many dozens of his classmates working for for a finance or consulting company, top choices for students. Malu Sanchez Gomez went in the same direction, consulting, only she’s now a business analyst at Arthur D. Little in Dubai, a position she says challenges her on a daily basis.

“I love the amount of responsibility and trust that I get at my job. I attend client meetings, debate ideas with the managing partner, and resolve critical issues effectively under a lot of pressure,” says the economics major from Peru, who is one of many dozens of working graduates in her class who decided to take a job in the UAE.

Class of 2018 Fast Facts

There’s also keen entrepreneurial interest among Class of 2018 alumni. About 6 percent of employed graduates are working as freelance artists or writers, on startups, independent projects, or are self-employed. Jobs in social research, social impact, and the arts are also quite common.

Allanah Avalon, a theater major from New Zealand is working as a production coordinator at The Australian Shakespeare Company in Melbourne. “As a multi-disciplinary artist, I’m constantly seeking out new spaces and opportunities to focus on my practice within inspiring and stimulating environments. My work allows me to be surrounded by arts consistently, but I still actively make time to work on my own creative pieces.”


My work in the arts industry in Melbourne allows me to be surrounded by the arts consistently.

Alumna Allanah Avalon, production coordinator, Austrailian Shakespeare Company

Many 2018 alumni are working at companies you may recognize

  • Amazon — Madrid, Spain
  • Goldman Sachs — Hong Kong
  • Da Vinci Media GmBH — Berlin, Germany
  • Third Way Africa — Maputo, Mozambique
  • Central Bank of the UAE — Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • UK Department for Education — London, UK
  • McKinsey & Company — Budapest, Hungary
  • The World Bank — Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • SpaceX — Los Angeles, US
  • The National — Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Unilever — Shanghai, China

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