Sarentha Luther

Associate Instructor of Psychology Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BSc Middlesex University, MSc Bangor University

Research Areas: Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, prospective memory, neurocognitive disorders

Sarentha Ghislah Luther has a BSc in Psychology from Middlesex University and an MSc from Bangor University (North Wales) in Clinical Neuropsychology, focusing on the clinical practice of neuropsychology and neuroimaging. Luther's research interests focus on BIPOC individuals with neurodiverse conditions and neurocognitive disorders.

Before joining NYUAD, Luther worked in Seychelles as a practitioner and consultant in the private and public sectors. She focused on providing educational workshops for school staff (public and private) to develop a better understanding of neurodiverse conditions. She also worked with a local NGO as a training facilitator, educating government stakeholders about neurocognitive disorders and the needs of the population affected by these disorders.

Luther is a Chevening Scholar and a Mandela Washington Fellow. She joined NYUAD as an Associate Instructor of Psychology to pursue her passion for teaching and learning about the brain.