Samar Fadl

Instructor of Chemistry Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: MSc The American University in Cairo, Egypt; BSc Alexandria University, Egypt

Research Websites: Advanced Microfluidics and Microdevices Laboratory

Research Areas: Food packaging, Biodegradable and bio-renewable polymers, Renewable energy, Microfluidic and MEMS devices for biomedical applications.

Samar Fadl received her B.Sc. with Honors from Alexandria University, Egypt. She was awarded the Mo Ibrahim Fellowship for Nubian Students and obtained her Master of Science in Chemistry with Specialization in Food Chemistry from the American University in Cairo, Egypt. During her Master studies she examined the use of a natural polymer reinforced with nanofillers for food packaging applications. In her research, she worked on poly lactic acid, a common biorenewable biodegradable polymer that was blended with three different natural plasticizers. The blend that demonstrated best results was further investigated by incorporating four different types of nanofillers to examine their properties for food packaging applications.

In August 2016, Samar joined the NYU Abu Dhabi as a Chemistry Assistant Instructor to fulfill her passion for teaching. She believes that her role is to motivate students to develop their own learning interests and to facilitate the delivery of information in a way that entertains students as they explore new territories of science.

As to satisfy her eagerness for learning and research, Samar contributes to the Advanced Microfluidics and Microdevices Laboratory (AMMLab) research team in developing microfluidic devices for the aim of capturing circulating tumor cells.