Osama Fawwaz

Instructor of Physics Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: MSc Beirut Arab University

Research Websites: Astroparticle Physics Lab

Research Areas: Gamma Spectroscopy

Osama has been a Physics Instructor at NYUAD since Fall 2015, he teaches Foundation of Science recitation classes and Physics-related labs (FoS1&2, Space core class, and Advanced Physics Lab). He received his MSc in Spectroscopic Study for Diatomic Molecule from Beirut Arab University in 2009.

Osama has been teaching Physics since 2000-2001, he taught high-school physics for 7 years, and physics at various universities, he also worked and assisted in research. He has a strong interest in physics education research and in applying that research knowledge to maximize the learning of the students.

He is also a member of Prof. Francesco Arneodo's  Astroparticle Physics Lab, with the main focus of Gamma Spectroscopy.