Giulia Rossi

Associate Instructor of Psychology Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA Psychology, University of Padova. MA Clinical Dynamic Psychology, University of Padova: MA Intercultural Studies, University Of Padova.

Research Areas: Phenomenology and Mental Illness, Intercultural Psychology, Critical Disability Studies and Inclusion

Giulia received her BA in Psychology from the University of Padova, Italy. During her undergraduate studies, she worked on phenomenology. She received her MA in Clinical Dynamic Psychology at the same university (Honors), with work on phenomenology and mental illness (in particular, schizophrenia and psychosis).

She also received her second MA in Intercultural Studies at the University of Padova, with a job on double stigma conditions (LGBT Migrants).

Due to her interdisciplinary background, she joined NYUAD in 2016 as a Researcher at Game Theory and Learning Lab, developing projects about web-based applications measuring human empathy. After a collaboration with the Department of Anthropology, Freie University (Berlin), where she has been teaching phenomenological anthropology, she joined as an associate instructor the Division of Psychology, NYUAD, where she has been supporting the courses of Statistic for Psychology (2018,2019,2020 Professor Thorisdottir), Biopsychology (2019-2020 Professor Achtziger), Introduction to Psychology (2019, Professors Fougnie and Waters) and the Lab in Multisensory Perception and Action (Professor Volcic, 2019).

Courses Taught