Esteban Mazzoni

Assistant Professor of Biology Affiliation: NYU New York

Research Areas: Embryonic Development

Esteban O. Mazzoni is a biologist seeking to understand how the different types of neurons that make our brain are generated during embryonic development. A mechanistic understanding of this process is required to differentiate stem cells into neurons affected in neurodegenerative diseases. These stem cell-derived neurons can not only be the source of neurons future cell replacement therapies but also to model neurodegenerative diseases in the laboratory.

Esteban was a research scientist at Columbia University before joining the NYU Biology Department as an Assistant Professor in 2012. In his native Argentina, Esteban started his long interest in developmental biology and neuroscience. His work has been published in top-tier scientific journal including NatureScienceCell, and Nature Neuroscience, among others.