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Engineering Seminar Series

Engineering conducts a well-structured seminar series with speakers and experts from the region and around the globe. Seminars take place in the ERB Room C1-120 from 11am-12pm unless otherwise stated.

Please note future seminars are postponed until further notice. 


Past Events and Seminars

AY 2019/20


Engineering Seminar Series

Spring 2020

March 1, 2020

Tilo Pompe  |  Mimicking physiological and pathological situations in 3D biopolymer-based matrices in vitro
Leipzig University

February 24, 2020

Marten van Dijk   |  Buffer Zones for Defending against Adversarial Examples in Image Classification
University of Connecticut

February 23, 2020

Antonio Adán Oliver  |  Automatic extraction of semantic models of buildings with robots
3D Visual Computing & Robotics Lab, Castilla La Mancha University

February 9, 2020

Ahmed Elwakil  |  Modeling Biological Tissues Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy
University of Sharjah

February 2, 2020

Carlos Guedes  |  Engineering music and musifying engineering: 20 years of personal research at the intersection of music, engineering and computer science 
New York University Abu Dhabi

AY 2018/19


The 4th NYUAD Transportation Symposium

The symposium took place on Nov 18-19, 2018. On the right are a few photo highlights from the event. For details on the bios and abstracts of all speakers, please click here.

Engineering Seminar Series