Academic Programs

NYU Abu Dhabi engineering programs are designed to create technological leaders with a global perspective, a broad education, and the capacity to think creatively. The uniqueness of each program lies in the integration of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship into all phases of study. Students enjoy a learning environment conducive to creativity, which is at the heart of tomorrow’s technological innovations and enterprises.

Undergraduate Majors

Why Study Engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi?

We Prepare You for a Career or Further Study

  • Pursue a diverse range of careers in research, academia, industry, or government.
  • Seek continuous professional development and life-long learning through graduate school studies, continuing educational courses, and/or professional registration.
  • Utilize their NYUAD education to develop innovative, ethical and socially responsible solutions to a range of local, regional or global problems.
  • Be effective communicators and demonstrate collaborative, entrepreneurial and leadership qualities.

Internships, out-of-class interactions, and extracurricular activities were the most valuable part of my university experience. Interacting with students from different backgrounds shaped who I am today.

Abdullah I. Mahomed, engineering major

Build Important Skills and Knowledge

The primary pedagogical goals of the Engineering Division, across all majors, are to:

  • Immerse students in a coherent integrated engineering curriculum that interconnects various engineering specializations with the liberal arts and sciences;
  • Develop in students a broad understanding of engineering principles across traditional disciplines while providing depth in a chosen disciplinary filed or thematic area;
  • Impart to students a knowledge of available techniques in the practice of leadership and innovation, inventiveness, and entrepreneurship (i2e), and prepare them to be leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs;
  • Prepare students to apply engineering principles in conjunction with social, economic, ethical, and other considerations in identifying and solving problems; and
  • Guide students to think critically, analytically, creatively, and independently while fostering the ability to conduct research, evaluate evidence and results, and formulate hypothesis and solutions while recognizing constraints.

Choosing a Major

Computer Engineering

I have always wanted to make robots that can contribute to communities in innovative ways.

Computer Science

Algorithms provides me the foundation for a computer science degree in understanding algorithms and sets of instructions to perform a particular operation.


NYUAD's emphasis on breadth has prepared me to be both an engineer as well as a leader. I have been able to fuse my passion for space with that for tangible development on the ground.