Advanced Manufacturing Workshop

The NYUAD Advanced Manufacturing Workshop is a world-class prototyping workshop widely available to the entire NYUAD community. It promotes engagement, creativity, entrepreneurship, education and more and is a place to invent, learn, mentor, collaborate and innovate. 

The AMW provides access to the environment, skills, materials and tools needed to allow anyone to learn how to make (almost) anything.

Within the lab, tools and resources are available to transform bits into atoms using digital fabrication tools like Laser Cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines, waterjet cutters, thermoforming machines and much more. 

Additionally it’s also host to the first Solidworks User Group of the Middle East, hosting periodic events open to all the community encouraging CAD/CAM users to collaborate with, learn from, and teach others.

The AMW promotes hands-on learning; prioritizes the health and safety of all users; and teaches best practices, workflows and processes to transform users’ ideas into working prototypes and finished products.