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Do you have al sabwa or are you in al najwa? Six Arabic words that describe the various stages of love
The language is full of evocative words to help navigate your relationships.
The National | February 12, 2021

‘Inshallah': how Biden gave Trump the Arab eye roll
The Arabic word for 'God willing' has become an internet sensation
The National | October 2, 2020

Are Duolingo’s Arabic lessons useful for learners?
Duolingo’s Arabic language course takes the learner through the teaching process in steps. It introduces the Arabic alphabet with sound exercises.
Arab News | July 28, 2019

World Arabic Language Day: Invitations to Adapt the Computing Technology to Serve Arabic
Al  Bayan News | December 19, 2017 (in Arabic)

World Arabic Language Day: The Fight to Keep Arabic Relevant
The role of new technology and how to harness it offers a tantalising look both forwards and back through time. 
The National | December 18, 2017

Challenges of Arabic Language Computing in the Writers Union
On the computerization of the Arabic language and the challenges it faces and the consequences that can result in the recovery of the Arabic language from its crises.
Al Khaleeji | April 14, 2017 ( in Arabic)

The reality of Arabic language Alhusbi in the Union of Sharjah
Dr. Mohammed Al-Khalil delivers a lecture titled "Computerization of the Arabic Language: The Gap Between Achievement and Availability", in which he reviewed the linguistic reality of the Arabic language in terms of available technical capabilities.
Al Bayan | April 14, 2017 (in Arabic)

Arabic needs institutional work to enter the digital world
The field of computerization requires the use of computing capabilities of the computer in the analysis and study of linguistic phenomena and other phenomena detected from the language.
Al Arab | April 14, 2017 (in Arabic)