Muhamed Osman Al-Khalil

Muhamed Osman Al-Khalil, Director of Arabic Studies, Associate Professor of Practice of Arabic Language, NYUAD

Director of Arabic Studies, Associate Professor of Practice of Arabic Language Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA University of Damascus (1993); MA Indana University of Pennsylvania (1998); PhD University of Arizona (2005)

Muhamed Osman Al Khalil is associate professor of Arabic and the founding director of the Arabic Studies program.

Dr. Al Khalil received a BA in English literature from the University of Damascus (1993), an MA in applied linguistics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1998), and a PhD in Modern Arabic Literature from the University of Arizona (2005). He has received a Fulbright scholarship and taught at universities in the United States, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Al Khalil’s research interests include Arabic language computing, Arabic corpora, biography, language policy, and the interplay of the literary and political in modern Arabic literature. His articles appear in Arabic media.

He is currently producing an anthology of Arabic fictional works on the United States, a sample of which is appearing in Arabic and English in the spring issue of NYUAD’s Electra Street Journal. Dr. Al Khalil is also leading several research projects on digitizing Arabic and creating corpus-based learning resources for the language, notably the Database of K12 Arabic Reading Textbooks (DKART).

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