Cover image: (Re)orchestrating Histories: An Interview with Cambodian Composer Him Sophy” Swiss Journal for Musicology, Universität Bern Open Publishing 2022
Cover image: New Paths in Opera: Martinů, Burian, Hába, Schulhoff, Ullmann eds., Kelly St. Pierre and Helena Spurná, Hollitzer-Wissenschaftsverlag, 2022
Cover image: Hilde Klestadt-Jonas” in Lebenswege von Musikerrinen im Dritten Reich und im Exil, Hamburg: von Bockel Verlag, 2000
  • Monographs

    Bravo, GwynethStaging Death: Opera’s Mortal Imagination in Works from Prague to Theresienstadt (In contract: 31 May 2024; forthcoming 2025).

  • Book Chapters

    Bravo, Gwyneth and Brian S. Locke. “Mortal Encounters, Immortal Rendezvous: Literary-Musical Counterpointsbetween Erwin Schulhoff’s Flammen and Karel Josef Beneš’s Don Juan” (co-author Brian Locke) in New Paths in Opera: Martinů, Burian, Hába, Schulhoff, Ullmann, edited by Kelly St. Pierre and Helena Spurná, 127-173. Vienna: Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag, 2022. [30,000 words] Publication August 2022.

    Bravo, Gwyneth.  “Hilda Klestadt-Jonas” in Arbeitsgruppe Exilmusik am Musikwissenschaftlichen Institut (ed.) in: Lebenswege von Musikerrinen im Dritten Reich und im Exil"  (Hamburg: von Bockel Verlag, 2000), pp. 254-280.

  • Scholarly Articles, Interviews

    Bravo, Gwyneth"(Re)orchestrating Histories: An Interview with Cambodian Composer Him Sophy” in Music in Times of Crisis: Conflicts and Wars, Swiss Journal for Musicology, New Series 39 (2022-12-29): [4,500 words], DOI: 10.36950/sjm.39.8 Universität Bern Open Publishing, 2022. DOI: 10.36950/sjm.39 ISBN (elektronische Version) 978-3-03917-063-0. e-ISSN: 2235-7475. Edited by Margret Scharrer, Vincenzina C. Ottomano, Laura Moeckli, and Lea Hagmann. Production and typesetting: Helen Gebhart.

  • Featured Review

    Bravo, Gwyneth. “Recovered Voices” in NYUAD Arts and Humanities Year in Review, 2018 [200 words]

Work in Development

  • Second Book Project and Book Chapter

    Bravo, Gwyneth. Requiems to ‘Memory Spaces’: Music, Trauma, and Commemoration, Post 1945.
    This book examines symphonic and choral works commemorating traumas of the 20th and 21st centuries, as a framework for exploring the complex interplay between memory and history in the analysis of several works. 
    (in discussion with press - prospectus and first chapter submitted in 2024.)

    Bravo, Gwyneth. "‘Sites of Memory’ - Memory from Darkness: Him Sophy’s Piano Trio as Autobiography and History of the Cambodian Genocide and the Khmer Rouge." Oxford Handbook of Music, Sound, and Trauma Studies, edited by Erin Brooks, Jill Rogers, Michelle Meinhart. Oxford Handbook on Music and Trauma My abstract was submitted as part of proposal; series now In Contract with Oxford University Press (April 2024); submission (October 2024), expected publication: 2027.

Media, Videos, and Recordings

  • Videos

    Co-producer, The Promise. 
    Collaboratively produced a video emphasizing the 17 sustainable development goals. Worked alongside Paul Sidlo and in association with EMN8 Media Productions. Location: Abu Dhabi, May 2023.

  • Recordings

    Fire Dance. Compact disco of cello and Celtic harp music with Christine Bonner, harp (Rainbow Music, 2001)

    An Evening in Spain and Latin America. Compact disc of cello and guitar music with David Chapman, guitar (Sacramento, 1997)

  • Radio Broadcasts

    Radio Interview, Abu Dhabi Classics FM, Radio Interview with Gwyneth Bravo, Anniversary Edition of the Birth of Leonard Bernstein (Abu Dhabi, UAE, August 25, 2016)

    Radio Interview, Abu Dhabi Classic FM, Radio Interview with Gwyneth Bravo and Narek Hakhnazyaran (Abu Dhabi, UAE, December 9, 2015)