Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

  • NYU Office of the Provost (CDFC) Curricular Development Challenge Fund: 2019-2020
    Grant for Global Creative Collaboration: Artistic Dialogue Across Borders:
    Andy Teirstein (NYU-Tish): PI and Gwyneth Bravo (co-PI)
  • NYU-NYUAD Institute Workshop-Conference
    “Translucent Borders Conference-Workshop”
    Andy Teirstein (NYU-Tisch): PI and Gwyneth Bravo (co-PI): with Global Institute for Advanced Study and Working Group for Translucent Borders (Conference for February 18-21, 2019)
  • NYUAD Dean of Science Grant
    Peace Fellow Lecture Series and Residency Program (2019-2020)