Featured Recent Media

“The Making of a ‘Masterpiece’: Him Sophy’s Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia” 
Panel Moderator
Him Sophy (composer) Rithy Panh (filmmaker) and Gideon Obarzanek (stage director)
Cambodian Living Arts and Arts4peace Workshop, Cambodia. December 12-20, 2020

"THE PROMISE" a UN SDG call-to-action-campaign video 
Co-produced by 10X EMMY award-winner Paul Sidlo and Gwyneth Bravo as a commission from the SDG Gate Fund for presentation in NYC. “THE PROMISE” transforms the 17 UN SDGs into a compelling poetic-visual narrative, serving as an individual ("I DO") and collective ("WE DO") vow to inspire and achieve global change. Co-produced by Gwyneth Bravo with participation of NYU Abu Dhabi students. 
UAE | May 2023

The Art Center at NYU Abu Dhabi — Discussion with concert pianist Yoel Eum Son following her December 6, 2018 performance of Beethoven’s monumental Hammerklavier Sonata. Moderated by Gwyneth Bravo (NYU Abu Dhabi), the conversation with Yoel Eum Son includes Mathew Quayle (NYU Abu Dhabi) and Dr. Ljubica Ilic (University of Novi Sad). Presented by the NYUAD Music Program and the NYUAD Institute.
United Arab Emirates | December 6, 2018

Tokyo's Burning - Tony Barnstone & Genuine Brandish - Giving WWII History A Voice
Cellist, performer, Whittier College “From Lyric Poem to Lyrics,” Whittier, CA 
Live Performance of songs fromTokyo is Burning (2011) featuring poetry of Tony Barnstone from Tongue of War: From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki (BKMK Press 2009) in collaboration with songwriters Ariana Hall and John Clinebell.
Whittier College, Los Angeles, CA | 2011

ECOLOGY: “Do More with Less”
Animation and Design by: Paul Sidlo; Music performed by: Gwyneth Bravo, Youth Cello Choir Direction; Music: “Ruska” by Apocalyptica
Over 1 million views in the first week….
Los Angeles | June 2011

Turath Ensemble - A Poet And A Singer - Annahr al-Khaled
Al-Nahr Al-Khaled, composed by Egypt's Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab, performed by the Turath Ensemble  as part of the event A Poet and A Singer; cello introduction by Gwyneth Bravo.
UCLA, Los Angeles | 2008

Turath Ensemble - A Poet And A Singer - On Entering The Sea
On Entering The Sea; Poem by Nizar Qabbani; Read by Sami Maalouf; Cello by Gwyneth Bravo; Part of Turath Ensemble event A Poet And A Singer.
UCLA, Los Angeles | 2008

Turath Ensemble - Michel sings Aal Bal & Tallu Hbabna
As part of the Turath Ensemble concert "A Poet and A Singer" at UCLA, Michel Bilal sings a mawwal (Aal Bal) and popular song (Tallu Hbabna) for Wadi' al-Safi (details at Turath.Org).
UCLA, Los Angeles | 2008

“Mother’s Garten Lullaby” from Fire Dance (Spotify)
Compact disco of cello and Celtic harp music with Christine Bonner, harp (Rainbow Music, 2001): Allegra Bonner, vocals, Gwyneth Bravo, cello; Christine Bonner, harp. Sandcastles (Rainbow Music)