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Highlighted Press Release Announcements

The Prague premiere of Music-Memory-Metamorphoses, a multimedia and live performance of the composer Viktor Ullmann's melodrama The Song of Love and Death of the Cornet Christopher Rilke will take place at the famous Archa Theater in Prague, Czech Republic on 18 January 2018 at 5:30 PM. LOS ANGELES
PRNewswire | January 12, 2018

Music Memory Metamorphoses- Archa Theater Program
Divadlo Archa | January 12, 2018

News Articles — Bravo’s Public and Educational Engagement

NYU Abu Dhabi Institute announces virtual line-up of seminars for March
The line-up will feature talks on a number of topics of global relevance such as identity and race, religion, diplomacy, and the arts, moderated by NYUAD Assistant Professor of Music Gwyneth Bravo.
WamNews | February 28, 2021

Prospective Student Interest Group, Musifying Glass, hosted a First Year Cultural Evening that offered a space for first year students to bond in the midst of an unprecedented virtual semester […] Gwyneth Bravo, Assistant Professor of Music at NYU Abu Dhabi, was a speaker at the event […]
The Gazelle | October 31, 2020 

PEACE LECTURE SERIES: ARN CHORN-POND AND THE POWER OF MUSIC: Arn Chorn-Pond inaugurates the Peace Fellows Lecture Series with a powerful account of the impact of music in his life
On Oct. 2, Chorn-Pond was invited to speak at the NYUAD Institute as the first peace fellow in the Peace Fellows Lecture Series and Residency Program 2019-2020. The program is envisioned to bring high profile diplomats, scholars, humanitarian workers, mediators, and peace-makers to NYU Abu Dhabi […] The funding for the series was granted to Professors Jocelyn Belanger and Gwyneth Bravo through a Dean of Science Grant and with the generous support of the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute […]
The Gazelle | October 26, 2019

SETTLING WAR CRIMES WITH MUSIC: Former child soldier Arn Chorn-Pond on transforming ambodia's identity from killing fields to living arts
Khaleej Times | November 7, 2019 

In a recent talk at the NYUAD Institute, international best-selling author Ishmael Beah detailed his journey from fighting in the Sierra Leone Civil War at age 13 to becoming a best-selling author and activist.
The Gazelle | November 02, 2019

THE WEEK: A look into what took place on campus last week
Yeol Eum Son Performance: On the evening of Dec. 6, members of the NYUAD student body piled into the Red Theater in anticipation of famous Korean concert pianist Yeol Eum Son’s performance […] The performance was followed by a panel discussion with the artist, as well as Gwyneth Bravo, NYUAD Assistant Professor of Music […]
The Gazelle | December 8, 2018

NEWS OF THE WEEK: A quick guide to the latest news at NYU Abu Dhabi: Student Trip to Emirates Palace Concert
As part of an ongoing partnership between the NYUAD Music Program and Abu Dhabi Classics facilitated by Assistant Professor of Music Gwyneth Bravo, 121 NYUAD students and 12 faculty and community members attended a concert on Friday night at Emirates Palace featuring the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra […] 
The Gazelle | October 14, 2017

BUILDING A UNIVERSITY FROM SCRATCH: We are an argumentative, expressive and passionate community, and it is up to us to channel this energy into creating the kind of change needed
I am privileged to look back at my entrance into NYU Abu Dhabi and reflect on the many hands that built this student group into what it is today […] especially Professor Gwyneth Bravo […]
The Gazelle | May 06, 2017

As announced at the General Assembly on March 30, a new interdisciplinary concentration has been approved by the NYU Abu Dhabi Faculty Council.
The Gazelle | April 12, 2014

Highlighted Students in the News — Posts

Mccarthy, Price, “Music and Arts as Psychosocial Support and Agency in Conflict and Post-Conflict Context.”
PPTP Research Project (Advisor): Music-Legal Studies (NYU Abu Dhabi, 2022)
NYU Abu Dhabi Office of Undergraduate Research 

Sukhova, Darya, “Lullabies and Laments: A Study-Performance of Russian Folk Songs.”
PPTP Research Project (Co-Advisor): Music Research Project with recording and scholarly description (NYU Abu Dhabi, 2022)
NYU Abu Dhabi Office of Undergraduate Research

The Winners! Young Musician of the Year, 2017-As we come to the end of the Young Musician of the Year 2017
“We were delighted by the quality and diversity of submissions. There were a total of 216 entries from almost 50 schools from across the Emirates. This was a huge increase of 156 entries from last year. Winner – Which School Advisor Young Musician of 2017 is Lily Innis, Camille Saint-Saëns - Cello Concerto No. 1 (British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi) […]Lily would like to thank her cello teacher at NYUAD Gwyneth Bravo […]”
David Westley | Which School Advisor | November 4, 2017