Faculty in Arabic Studies at NYU Abu Dhabi come from many countries and have a wide range of research and teaching interests. You can find biographies, course listings, research and publications, and contact information on each faculty's individual profile.

Muhamed Osman Al-Khalil, Director of Arabic Studies, Associate Professor of Practice of Arabic Language, NYUAD

Muhamed Al-Khalil, Director of Arabic Studies, Clinical Associate Professor of Arabic Language

Field: Applied Linguistics, Arabic Computational Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics
Interests: Educational Leadership, Development of Arabic Curricula, Program Design and Management for Arabic, Arabic Teacher Training, Arabic Teaching in K12 Education, Arabic Digitization, Development of Reading as a Pedagogical Resource, The Interplay of the Literary and Political in Modern Arabic Literature, Biography

Omima El Araby, Assistant Director of Arabic Studies, Lecturer of Arabic Language, NYUAD

Omima El Araby, Arabic Language Instructor

Field: Arabic Language Teaching and Learning
Interests: Second Language Acquisition, Methods of Foreign Language Teaching, Grammar of Arabic Language, Course and Test Development, Online Teaching and Learning.

Nasser Isleem, Senior Lecturer of Arabic, NYUAD

Nasser Isleem, Senior Lecturer of Arabic

Field: Teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers
Interests: Curriculum design and textbook development, Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, Arabic dialectology (especially Shami and Emirati Arabic), Popular Culture in Pedagogy, Teacher Training, Intensive language and culture courses development, Language Arabic language pedagogy, English/Arabic translation

Corinne Stokes, Lecturer of Arabic Language, NYUAD

Corinne Stokes, Lecturer of Arabic Language

Field: Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics (Arabic and Persian)
Interests: Multiliteracies in language pedagogy, dialects of UAE, language contact and multilingualism, mediated and performed language, ethnomusicology, stylization and dialect crossing, language ideologies