Majlis al-Dhad Monthly Lecture Series

Majlis al-Dhad is a monthly lecture series in Arabic that brings together specialists and professionals in the field of Arabic language and pedagogy to exchange ideas and expertise. It is designed for an in-depth exploration of some of the most challenging issues facing the Arabic language today, and for discussion of current topics in Arabic linguistics and language teaching, as well as for exploring new trends in Arabic pedagogy, and promoting innovative instructional strategies between Arabic-speaking countries.


Dec 15 to Dec 18, 2017

Digital Development of Arabic: The Gap between the Possible and the Accomplished
Sharjah Writers Union, 7pm

In this lecture, professor Muhamed Al Khalil, head of Arabic Studies at New York University Abu Dhabi, will present and discuss the digital condition of the Arabic language in terms of what has been achieved so far, what can be achieved technologically, the challenges facing research on the language in this field, and the overall research shortfalls. He will start with an overview of the field of Corpus Linguistics and its intertwined relationship with Computational Linguistics, surveying quickly the achievements of these fields in the English language and contrast that with the status of those fields in Arabic. Professor Al Khalil will then discuss the technical and practical difficulties of computational research in Arabic and what can be done to advance it in the Arab World, highlighting throughout the benefits that could be gained in the teaching and learning of Arabic and the study/preservation of its rich cultures and literatures.