Postdoctoral associates are a vital part of the research community at NYU Abu Dhabi.

They bring expertise from international laboratories, often with existing collaborations to assist the broader reach of global research efforts. Research and scholarship generated at NYUAD focuses on interdisciplinary and stand-alone projects in engineering, marine science, history, economics, neural science, cyber security, art history and philosophy, mathematics, and genomics.


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News Highlights

Modeling Future Climate

Understanding our planet's climate, and how it is changing, is growing increasingly urgent. But the task is so enormously complex that today's best computer models are still insufficient, almost primitive. At NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Prototype Climate Modeling (CPCM), mathematicians and scientists with several specialties are working together on the problem.

NYUAD Research Group Focuses on Nanoparticles for Delivery of Cancer Treatment

A defining feature of NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ali Trabolsi's office is the large whiteboard that looms on the wall. Decked in hexagons, subscripts, curt lines, and symbols, he uses this simple technology to illustrate the makeup of the complex chemical structures he and his team study at the University's Center for Science and Engineering.

Diversifying Linguistic Theory

The presence of a world-class neurolinguistic laboratory based in Abu Dhabi has an important significance for the field of linguistics; it means evidence-based research in a field currently dominated by English and other Western languages will increasingly be more inclusive of different, and often underrepresented, languages.