Community Events

NYUAD is committed to building a vibrant postdoctoral community outside of your individual research.

The Postdoctoral Council Steering Committee (PCSC) in association with the Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs Office (GPPO) help run a variety of social and community building events, which are a great way to meet and interact with other postdocs across campus.

Whether you're a new postdoc and/or a postdoc who has been here for years, you are invited to register for our upcoming postdoc social and community building events! We also encourage you to bring family members and children along too; You'll find that many of the social events are family friendly.

This page will be updated regularly with new events as and when they are planned through the Academic Year.

Please note, the opportunities below may not necessarily be in date order

Community and Social Programming

For Academic Year 2023-24

Postgraduate Council Steering Committee (PCSC) Social Events

The Postgraduate Council Steering Committee Social Events (PCSC) serves as the interface between members of the postdoctoral community and the upper administration of NYU Abu Dhabi. The Postdoctoral Council Steering Committee (PCSC) is an advisory committee that provides a bridge between the senior academic administration, the community, and the Postdoctoral Council. The PCSC help organise on and off campus social events for Postdoctoral associates and their families during the course of the academic year.