Postdoctoral Council Steering Committee

The (PCSC) serves as the interface between members of the postdoctoral community and the upper administration of NYU Abu Dhabi. The Postdoctoral Council Steering Committee (PCSC) is an advisory committee that provides a bridge between the senior academic administration, the community, and the Postdoctoral Council. The PCSC normally meets twice a month. Joint meetings with the Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs take place twice a semester, with the Vice Provost joining as needed. 

The committee also holds social events for NYU Abu Dhabi based postdocs in its commitment to building vibrant postdoctoral community life.


  • Basam Dahy, Research Institute Representative
  • Mai El Sawy, Science Representative
  • Nadine ElSaid, At-Large Representative (Science)
  • Philippe Martinez, Arts and Humanities Representative
  • Rafat Mahmood, Social Science Representative
  • Samuel Prieto, Engineering Representative
  • Haneen Alsuradi, At-Large Representative (Research Institute)