Chi Zhang

Research Scientist Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD, Chiba University, Japan

Research Websites: Sadler Edepli Lab

Research Areas: Bioinformaitcs; Epigenetics; Genomics

Chi Zhang received PhD degree in Genetics from Chiba University, Japan, where he started to work on the omics data from sanger sequencing. After graduation from Japan, Chi joined Dr. Ressom’s lab in Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University in 2013, to develop computational skills on bioinformatics and system biology, the research interest is biomarker development by metabolomics in liver disease.

Then he joined Dr. Sadler’s lab at Mount Sinai, New York in 2015, to keep studies on liver regeneration and liver diseases from epigenomics and genomics level. Now, Chi is a research scientist at NYUAD, mainly studying the epigenetic mechanism during liver regeneration, while performing the omics data analysis, including  (sc)RNA-seq, Bisulfite-seq and Chip-seq, and visualization.