Scientific Workshops

Deep Sequencing Workshop

This hands-on, 5-day training workshop aimed to introduce the concepts of performing high throughput bioinformatics analysis on the NYUAD HPC (Dalma), using the workflows/pipelines developed by the Core Bioinformatics. It addressed De novo genome assembly, De novo metagenomic analysis, RNA-seq analysis, Single Cell RNAseq analysis, CHIP-seq analysis, variant detection (SNPs/Indels), and data visualization. This workshop aimed to prepare and train participants on performing these types of analysis in a high-performance- computing environment; the Bioinformatics team used this opportunity to train participants in the usage of BioSAILs. Before attending this workshop, participants completed two online courses that introduced Linux & the command line interface and the R statistical language. The workshop included short introduction talks/presentations on each subject, followed by hands-on data analysis. The Deep Sequencing Analysis Book Camp was organized and jointly delivered between NYU-AD and NYU-NY. The topics covered included:

Deep Sequence Analysis Boot Camp II (2018)
  • How the HPC is organized and partitioned
  • SLURM commands
  • The NYUAD Core Bioinformatics workflows/pipelines
  • NGS data and formats
  • Data quality checking and quality trimming
  • Sequence alignment, software, methods & file formats
  • De novo metagenomics analysis, software, and methods
  • De novo genome analysis, software, and methods
  • RNA-seq analysis (Expression profiling and Differential gene expression), software, methodology, and file formats
  • Single-cell RNAseq analysis using the popular R package “Seurat” 
  • Variant detection & variant annotation (SNPs & Indels), software, methodology, and file formats
  • CHIP-seq analysis
  • Data visualization for Variant detection as well as RNAseq data exploration and plotting

Hands-on Workshop in Bioinformatics: Introduction to Bioinformatics

The Bioinformatics workshop was designed to cover key bioinformatics concepts and tools required to analyze genomic data sets. Participants were exposed to the most recent trends in the field and gained experience in data analysis for DNA and RNA expression datasets. This workshop included several hands-on sessions, research presentations, and an opportunity for  participants to discuss their projects and ideas.

Biology Exchange

The Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, the NYUAD Core Technology Platforms, and the NYUAD Science Division co-organized the NYUAD Biology Exchange (BioEx). NYUAD Researchers gathered at BioEx to discuss and share their expertise on techniques and core platforms, including sequencing, bioinformatics, and microscopy.

Career Development Workshops

Applying for Faculty Positions Workshop

A panel discussion for postdoctoral associates and research scientists led by Justin Blau and NYUAD standing faculty, provided NYUAD Researchers the opportunity to learn the best practices and processes for applying for faculty positions.

How to Give an Effective Research Workshop?

Justin Blau conducted 'How to Give an Effective Research Workshop?' to NYUAD Researchers.  This workshop provided Researchers the opportunity to improve their communication skills, gain expert knowledge, and the confidence to discuss their research in public.

Grant Writing for Researchers and Junior Faculty

'Grant Writing for Researchers and Junior Faculty,' presented by Justin Blau, taught participants how to write a successful grant proposal.