National Exhibitions

The Center of Genomics and Systems Biology researchers and outreach team participate in events and exhibitions to introduce different audiences to its research and activities. Exhibitions included:

  • MEMBS: The CGSB outreach team hosted a research information booth at the Middle East Molecular Biology Sources (MEMBS) Conference at Zayed University in 2017. At the exhibition, the CGSB promoted research conducted within the Center, and many researchers presented posters at the conference.
  • World Future Energy and International Water Summit: The CGSB researchers participated in the NYUAD booth at the Summit, where they showcased the Center's different research initiatives.
  • Date Palm Festival: The CGSB researchers organized a booth at the 6th annual Date Palm Festival. The research provided visitors with the date palm and dates history and its research conducted at the Center.


The 4th Middle East Molecular Biology Congress and Exhibition 2017 - Abu Dhabi


Glimpses, a unique multi-sensory exhibition aimed at bridging the gap between art and science, took place at New York University Abu Dhabi. It aims to overcome any existing barriers between art and science. Science opens up immense opportunities for experimentation with materials and methods that may give art new perspectives. Art also can facilitate science communications. The researchers at the Center presented installations of their various work. 

The art installation of Julie Connelly; 'Could the bacteria of the Arabian Gulf provide the World with new medications?' consisted of two printed photos of exciting and colorful microscopic images of bacteria that were isolated and cultured from sediment samples from the Abu Dhabi coastline.

Both researchers Najate Benhra and Rana El Danaf presented 'The Drosophila fruit fly: Small Creature, Big Science.' The installation showcased two artwork pieces; 'The Dissected Drosophila' and 'Drosophila Optic Flowers,' representing the fruit fly anatomy, including the optic lobes and brain in an artistic way.

Bacterial species isolated and cultured from soil samples from the Abu Dhabi coastline

Little Monsters

'Little Monsters' was the first formal exhibition of the Emirati photographer Yousef Al-Habshi, whose award-winning photographs have been featured in National Geographic and Al Arabiya.

The exhibition's inspiration came from a chance encounter between Al-Habshi and NYU Abu Dhabi Professor of Biology Claude Desplan, whose work focuses on insect life's eye patterns. Little Monsters is an extension to a collaboration between the two, who work to identify rare insects and visually document their unique eye patterns—ultimately leading toward publication in scientific journals. The exhibition ran from September 7 to October 8, 2016.