School Visits

CGSB Lab Visits

In January 2023 and October 2022, the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology hosted 120 students from various schools in Abu Dhabi, such as the Applied Technology High School, Al Najah Private School, and many others. The CGSB Researchers took the students on a scientific journey through the Center's laboratories, where the students had the opportunity to work on drosophila dissection, streaking soil bacteria on agar plates, handling, and learning about the growth stages of the notorious red palm weevil and the circadian clock in our brain. They were also able to learn and discuss molecular biology techniques and using electrophoresis.

Al Najah Private School Students during their visit to the CGSB Labs


The Center for Genomics and Systems Biology Researchers participated in the Repton Foundation School STEAM week. They presented activities to students in the foundation years and introduced them to organisms used in research such as the fruit fly and Algae. Researchers also showed them different bacteria found in the Arabian Gulf and raised their awareness about living sustainably and protecting the planet. CGSB Researchers that took part in Repton Foundation School STEAM week were Alexandra Mystikou, Rana El Danaf, David Nelson, Stephan Kremb, and Julie Connelly.

Postdoctoral Associate; Alexandra Mystikou at Repton Foundation School STEAM week

Career Days

Enas Qudeimat, Head of CGSB Administration and Outreach, met with high school students at the annual 2019 Career Day at GEMS American Academy in Abu Dhabi. She provided an opportunity to improve students' understanding of  pursuing a career in research and decisions to be made along the way.

In February 2018, Hala Fahs, Senior Research Scientist, presented at the primary school Lycée Mondo Careers Development Forum: Building Students Enthusiasm for Science and Research.

In 2016, Basel Khraiwesh, Senior Research Scientist, spoke at The German International School Career Day about his career path as a research scientist and his passion for molecular biology.

Senior Research Scientist, Basel Khraiwesh at The German School’s Career Day

Year 10 Work Experience Week

In June 2019, Rana El Danaf, Research Scientist, mentored a year ten high school student from King’s College, Dubai, as part of his work experience program. During their work in the CGSB, the student learned the significance of studying Drosophila as a model organism and its importance in neuroscience research. This work experience introduced numerous techniques that the lab uses for experiments and to generate results.


The Center for Genomics and Systems Biology hosted high school students from Glenelg and International Community School in 2015, and Al Nahda High School in 2016. The A- and AS-level biology students had the opportunity to work at the CGSB fly room under the supervision of Justin Blau. Students were able to set up a circadian behavioral experiment and analyze their data. They also participated in a tour of the Experimental Research Building and were very enthused about science and NYUAD.