Center for Astrophysics and Space Science group photo (Nov, 2023)
Center for Astro, Particle and Planetary Physics group photo (Nov, 2022)
EMM Competition: Undergraduate students Jennifer Tsai, Quan Nham and Jason Cruz winning the first prize in the Explore Mars Competition organized by the Emirates Mars Mission team; supervised by Dr. Dimitra Atri (Feb, 2022)

Our diverse team is comprised of local Physics and Mathematics faculty members, researchers and PhD students at NYU Abu Dhabi, faculty from at the the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics at NYU New York and international faculty members from the NYU Global Network.


Principal Investigator

Co-Principal Investigators

Ingyin Zaw

Program Head, Physics; Associate Professor of Physics


Adriano Di Giovanni

Assistant Professor, Physics, Gran Sasso Science Institute

CASS Fellows


  • Nour Abdelmoneim, Research Assistant
  • Kevin Alabarta, Postdoctoral Associate
  • Jason Alford, Postdoctoral Associate 
  • Abdulla Alhosani, Research Assistant
  • Lolowa AlKindi, Research Assistant 
  • Jwaher Alnaqbi, Research Assistant 
  • Aisha Al Yazeedi, Research Assistant
  • Jasmina Blecic, Research Associate 
  • Daniel Bramich, Research Scientist
  • Carlo Cannarozzo, Postdoctoral Associate 
  • Yanping Chen, Research Associate
  • Mitali Damle, Postdoctoral Associate 
  • Nikolaos Georgakarakos, Research Associate
  • Ivan Katkov, Postdoctoral Associate
  • Philip Lah, Research Associate 
  • Laura Manenti, Research Scientist
  • Sandeep Rout, Postdoctoral Associate
  • Payaswini Saikia, Postdoctoral Associate


  • Moaz Abdelmaguid, PhD student
  • Maryam Manzoor Amanullah, Capstone student
  • Ojasbi Badal, Capstone student 
  • Shubhan Bhatia, Capstone student
  • Changhyun Cho, PhD student
  • Katerina Fialova, ASPIRE Grant Research Assistant
  • Rezo Getsadze, Capstone student  
  • Sonya Hsieh, ASPIRE Grant Research Assistant
  • Omar Ibrahim, Capstone student  
  • Ananya Krishnakumar, Capstone student
  • Solstice Luo, Student Assistantship 
  • Dulce Maria Pop-Bonini, Student Assistantship
  • Fahad Rizwan, Student Assistantship 
  • Angel Rodriguez, Capstone student
  • Isaac Sarnoff, PhD student
  • Flavia Trotolo, ASPIRE Grant Research Assistant 
  • Stefan Waterval, PhD student
  • Jin Zehao, PhD student