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Extraterrestrial Devourer: A Scorching Hot Exoplanet That May Have Swallowed a Smaller Neighbor
An international research team, using the MAROON-X instrument, has detected and quantified 11 chemical elements in the ultra-hot exoplanet WASP-76 b’s atmosphere.
Sci Tech Daily | July 22, 2023

We May Have Just Found a 'Cannibal' Planet That Devoured a Smaller World
A gas giant exoplanet 634 light-years away has a quirk in its atmosphere that suggests it may have swallowed a smaller world.
Science Alert | July 01, 2023

Scientists discover creepy 'cannibal planet' might have 'devoured another world'
The gas planet WASP-76b has long fascinated space boffins because of its size, temperature, and its year which lasts just 1.8 days - now, researchers have discovered it may even have 'eaten' a smaller planet.
Daily Star | July 01, 2023