NYU Abu Dhabi students bring an astounding range of interests and skills to a richly diverse and exciting undergraduate experience. NYUAD's faculty are great teachers and distinguished scholars, eager to involve undergraduates in their research. NYUAD alumni go on to pursue a range of academic, professional, and creative endeavours and make remarkable contributions to the world around them.

Alumni Stories

Noha Alfergani (Class of 2015)
An internship at Johnson & Johnson in Dubai led to full-time work for Noha Alfergani.

From Intern to Full-time Innovator

As a research assistant, Noha Alfergani, Class of 2015, learned to approach problems differently and look for solutions that are both efficient and sustainable.

Resident Expert

Francesco Arneodo - Resident Expert
Francesco Arneodo, associate professor of physics, is also part of the Dark Matter research group at the Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy.

The Dark Matter Mystery

Dark Matter is one of the biggest scientific mysteries of our time. Most of the universe is made up of it, but we still don't know its nature. What is the strange, unknown, invisible matter that holds the universe together? Why is it so hard to detect?


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