NYU Abu Dhabi students bring an astounding range of interests and skills to a richly diverse and exciting undergraduate experience. NYUAD's faculty are great teachers and distinguished scholars, eager to involve undergraduates in their research. NYUAD alumni go on to pursue a range of academic, professional, and creative endeavours and make remarkable contributions to the world around them.

Student Achievements

Dubai Abulhoul, Class of 2017 won the top prize at the UAE's 2016 Young Arab Awards
Dubai Abulhoul is majoring in political science and currently researching the effect of gender roles and culture on political participation in the UAE.

Dubai Abulhoul, Class of 2017, is a bestselling author and journalist, is deeply involved in Emirati youth community initiatives, and will soon be studying for her master's as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. And she also won the top prize at the UAE's 2016 Young Arab Awards.

Resident Expert

Nasser Isleem, Senior Lecturer of Arabic
Nasser Isleem co-authored the first-ever Emirati Arabic textbook.

All About Ramadan

Nasser Isleem, senior Arabic language instructor, is a pioneer in applying studies examining the impact of using songs, proverbs, and other cultural expressions and components in teaching Arabic language.


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