NYUAD Explains

NYUAD Explains is a series of short, insightful videos about us and the world we live in. Topics are explained by NYU Abu Dhabi researchers.


1. Why you need a good night's sleep

It turns out taking a nap is just as good for your health as eating a salad.
Explained by Dipesh Chaudhury

2. Easy words to learn in Arabic

There's a reason it's easy to remember words like chocolate and pajamas.
Explained by Nasser Isleem

3. Why some big cities may soon be under water

If the Arctic keeps melting like it is, oceans are going to flood places like New York City and Abu Dhabi.
Explained by the Center for Global Sea Level Change

4. Real facts about stars most people don't know

Stars are so pretty, right? Actually, stars are giant balls of hot gas moving at frightening speeds. Stargazing will never be the same.
Explained by the Center for Space Science

5. This might be why some dates taste so good
If you love dates like Medjool or Deglet Noor, the history of where they came from will leave you hungry to learn more.

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