Class of 2027: Milena Bisenic

Meet some of the Class of 2027 first year students who has joined NYU Abu Dhabi.

Chemistry and film are two unlikely fields to be paired together in a University undergraduate program. At NYU Abu Dhabi, however, first-year students like Milena Bisenic are not only able to explore that confluence of disciplines but are encouraged to do so. 

Bisenic struggled at first finding a university that would combine both her passions. In her home country of Serbia, she would have to pursue both fields independently. 

Growing up, Bisenic used her father’s camera to take photos of her daily life and special excursions. As she grew, Bisenic began to explore film. Eventually she honed her skills and submitted short films for festivals. At NYUAD, she hopes to continue exploring film through the film and new media program and carry on what had started off as a hobby. 

As for her other passion, the Serbian’s high school chemistry teacher, who’s strict teaching manner, sparked her love for science. Bisenic realized she has a natural flair for chemistry when she managed to get into the finals of a national competition despite only being given a two weeks lead time. 

Her dedication to chemistry really came through when Bisenic was still conducting research at the Petnica Science Center days before she was due to fly out to Abu Dhabi. At the science center, Bisenic was synthesizing polymers as a controlled cancer drug delivery vehicle. Polymers have big pores, she said, and that attribute can encapsulate specific molecules for targeted medical treatment. 

Bisenic is excited to meet with her professors and begin more research on campus, in particular the Trabolsi Research Group by Professor of Chemistry Ali Trabolsi

For now, Bisenic is planning to take a measured approach during her first year to figure out how her course schedule might allow her to pursue both fields, and eventually bring them into a double major.