Class of 2027: Isabella Ying

Meet some of the Class of 2027 first year students joining NYU Abu Dhabi this summer.

Publishing the process and recipe for making a locally-sourced seaweed pesto might not be at the top of the climate agenda, but incoming freshmen Isabella Ying believes small lifestyle changes, like eating locally, can make a real impact on the climate crisis. 

The readers of her sustainability-driven newsletter also believe in collective action for the environment. Sustainability advocacy and contributing to the fight against climate change was one of the Chinese’s goals after moving to Norway for high school.

Ying, along with two classmates from Denmark and Italy, formed a climate activism group to encourage individuals to protect the environment. 

Along with her newsletter, Ying works on advocacy for climate change and engages in volunteerism to continue to encourage support for a more sustainable future. 

Naturally, attending NYU Abu Dhabi as part of the Class of 2027 has her excited to continue that activism with hopes of jumpstarting her sustainability stewardship during COP 28 in the UAE later this year. The first year student is keen to participate in this important dialogue and explore the ways she can get more involved in the environment during her time at the University. 

With a keen interest in climate policy and environmental economics, Ying is exploring to major in Economics or Social Research and Public Policy while minoring in environmental studies. The fact that there are very few female economists draws Ying into the major even more. 

“It’s important for women to bring their perspectives and experiences into this subject because it can have such a huge and far reaching impact on so many peoples’ lives,” she said.

While continuing her advocacy for the environment and climate, Ying looks forward to meeting fellow first year students to learn and get inspired by their dreams and aspirations, and learning from professors who will bring new insights to her academic endeavors.