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Faculty Advancement and Engagement AY 21-22 Events

These events are created and run by the office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Engagement AY 2021-2022 specifically for those who have an NYUAD faculty appointment. Some events are open to all while others are by invitation only. For questions, please contact Kirsten Edepli at  

Conversation with the First Female Emirati Aviation Engineer

Special IDBE in Engineering Seminar Series: Conversation and Q&A Session
Women in Engineering | In celebration of the International Women’s Day

Speaker: Dr. Suaad Al Shamsi, Etihad Airways, UAE
In Conversation: Kirsten C. Sadler, Vice Provost of Faculty Advancement and Engagement

Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2022
Time: 5.30-6.30 pm

Please note, this event is only open to NYUAD Community.

Faculty Advancement

The NYUAD Faculty Life Cycle Explained


The Program Head Academy (PHA)

Career Development

Food for Thought | A Series for Faculty Advancement

Writing Productivity

Food for Thought | A Series for Faculty Advancement

NYUAD Program Head Academy

Career Development Series for Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty

Writing Productivity

Faculty Month of Mentoring - February 2021

February 2021 was our Faculty Month of Mentoring, please see below for more information.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering | Diversity in Stem Summit, December 2020

Live recordings of this 3 part series are available to watch on our YouTube Channel and on our Tandon Website, or by clicking on the links below:
Diversity in STEM Summit (DiSS) 2020 Pt. 1– Inclusion Innovators to Watch: Changing the Mindset
DiSS 2020 Pt. 2 – Reimagining the Building Industry: Engineers & Architects Motivating Change
DiSS 2020 Pt. 3 – Putting Intention into Action: Building a Diverse STEM Pipeline


Film Screening and Community Dialoge: Picture a Scientist


Spring Faculty Orientation

Food for Thought | A Series for Faculty Advancement

Career Development Series for Continuing Contract Faculty:  Renewal and Promotion | Fall 2020

Part 1 | Docket Preparation and Submission: Process, Policies and Practicalities | Tuesday, October 13 | 2:30-4pm | via Zoom

Contract renewal and promotion is an important milestone in the career trajectory of continuing contract faculty.  This workshop will review the process for developing a compelling docket, the policies related to continuing contract renewal and promotion and the practicalities of submitting material on Interfolio.  

  • Contract Renewal and Promotion: How introspection and self-assessment enhances faculty work
    Kirsten Edepli
    , Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Engagement, Professor of Biology
  • Guidelines & Policies for Continuing Faculty Contracts
    Martin Klimke
    , Vice Provost for Academic Policies and Governance; Program head of Literature & Creative Writing;  Associate Professor of History
    Susan Wei, Director, Academic HR Affairs
  • Uploading and Submitting: Introduction to Interfolio
    Naomi Munro
    , Associate Director, Academic HR Affairs and Academic Partner 

Part 2 | HBC TeachTalks: Writing Effective Teaching Statements | Monday, October 19 | 5-6:15pm | via Zoom

Teaching statements are important data points that help you evidence your impactful teaching. This session will guide you on articulating your teaching philosophy as well as strategies to evidence its enactment in course design, pedagogy, and teaching methods. We will reflect together on our teaching practices and how they evolved over semesters. What innovations have we made in our courses? To what extent have we embraced experiential learning? How did we incorporate our research into teaching? The focus will be on providing evidence of the many ways in which you have reached your learners. We will go over a suggested list of topics to include in your statement and help you tailor it to the needs of your respective committee chairs.
Nancy W. Gleason, Director, Hilary Ballon Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; Associate Professor of Practice, Political Science

Part 3 | Interfolio Overview and One on One Help Sessions | Thursday, November 26, 2020 | 1-2pm | via Zoom

This drop in session starts with an overview of using interfolio and then provides time for one-on-one help with your own interfolio submission.
Susan Wei, Director, Academic HR Affairs
Naomi Munro, Associate Director, Academic HR Affairs and Academic Partner

Part 4 | Writing Groups | Wednesday, October 28, 2020 | 1-3pm | Tuesday, November 24, 2020 | 10am-12pm | via Zoom

Writing groups are one way to make sure that writing goals are met on time.  Join fellow contract faculty who are preparing dockets at a writing group.  Commit to one or all of these writing sessions as a way to set aside dedicated time to preparing your docket.

Fall Faculty Orientation

Academic Year 2019-2020

Career Development

Food for Thought | A Series for Faculty Advancement

Faculty Advancement

Faculty Life Cycle Information Sessions and Workshops


The Program Head Academy (PHA)

Writing Productivity