The NYUAD Center for Faculty Advancement




The NYUAD Center for Faculty Advancement (NYUAD CFA | صفا) is envisioned as a vibrant hub for developing and supporting NYUAD faculty as excellent Educators, Scholars, and Leaders. The NYUAD CFA | صفا  will serve as a beacon for faculty by concretizing the institutional commitment to faculty careers and will simultaneously develop the talent critical for achieving the goals of NYUAD’s Academic Strategy. 

With an intellectual and physical presence on the NYUAD campus, the NYUAD CFA will serve as creator and curator of services, resources, and programming in the broad areas that are critical for faculty excellence. The CFA | صفا will provide a nexus for other units to integrate faculty focused programming into a unified space and calendar of events to simplify and streamline activities relevant to faculty careers.

Sarah Paul

Executive Director of the NYUAD CFA and Professor of Philosophy

Two of the Center's positions remain open. There are two people in the leadership positions.

  • The activities in the CFA | صفا  are categorized in three main areas:


    Events in the CFA | صفا will have multiple formats. In some, the CFA plays a leading role; in others, the CFA facilities initiatives by other units (see table). To ensure accessibility, events will typically be scheduled in a class block time (75 minutes), evenly spread throughout the semester, advertised centrally, and take place in a dedicated space. 

    • Workshops
      Three workshops per month relevant to CFA pillars (Teaching, Scholarship, Leadership) organized by the CFA as lead or collaborator
    • Information sessions
    • Writing groups (e.g., Women Faculty Writing Group, Docket Prep Writing Group)
    • Mixers, meet-and-greet, networking events
    • Book clubs
    • Faculty Orientation
    • Training sessions
    • Retreats


    The CFA will host one-on-one discussions with faculty and stakeholders around areas relevant to faculty development, including office hours with CFA Associate Directors and the Executive Director. 


    The CFA will be the clearinghouse for event advertising and marketing as well as providing connections to materials relevant to faculty careers.