The NYUAD Center for Faculty Advancement




The NYUAD Center for Faculty Advancement (NYUAD CFA | صفا) is envisioned as a vibrant hub for developing and supporting NYUAD faculty as excellent Educators, Scholars, and Leaders. The NYUAD CFA | صفا  will serve as a beacon for faculty by concretizing the institutional commitment to faculty careers and will simultaneously develop the talent critical for achieving the goals of NYUAD’s Academic Strategy. 

With an intellectual and physical presence on the NYUAD campus, the NYUAD CFA will serve as creator and curator of services, resources, and programming in the broad areas that are critical for faculty excellence. The CFA | صفا will provide a nexus for other units to integrate faculty focused programming into a unified space and calendar of events to simplify and streamline activities relevant to faculty careers.


Oversight, operational management, and strategic direction of the NYUAD CFA | صفا will be provided by the Executive Director (ED), with each area of excellence led by a faculty member serving as associate director (AD). They will collectively serve as The CFA steering committee.

A full job description, qualifications and compensation structure for all the positions listed below are available on the CFA intranet site.

I. Executive Director

The Executive Director (ED) provides strategic oversight, vision, and collaborative leadership to The CFA | صفا, including oversight of all operations, planning, and activity management. They will convene, coordinate, and audit all activities, assure synergy across areas, and will implement assessment tools to ensure the activities are useful and impactful. Acting as a conduit for faculty, Deans, Provost Office units, and academic leadership, the Executive Director will gather information about and provide vision for topical areas for programmatic focus which will benefit the faculty and the institution. The Executive Director will work closely with the stakeholders and the steering committee, composed of Associate Directors, to ensure that programming is responsive and relevant. The Executive Director will serve as the program lead for all activities related to faculty mentorship, advising, and guidance, ensuring that these are integrated into all initiatives carried out by The Center.

II. Associate Directors

Each Associate Director (AD) will be responsible for establishing and maintaining close relationships with internal units that have expertise in each area to curate and deliver programming. ADs will provide coordination and leadership in developing and curating additional bespoke programming, resources, and services that align with the CFA mission to develop faculty as Scholars, Educators and Leaders. Facilitating, designing, implementing, and collaborating with other units on programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing the leadership skills, scholarly productivity and educational excellence of NYUAD faculty.

  • The Associate Director of Faculty Scholarship Development will contribute to the advancement of faculty as world class Scholars. 

    The Associate Director of Faculty Scholarship Development (AD-FS) will develop, curate, and execute all initiatives that advance productive faculty scholarship. These initiatives may include workshops, bootcamps, retreats and writing focused programs, all tailored to the needs of academic units at NYUAD. 

Connection to NYU New York

As a sister center to the NYU New York CFA, the mission of the CFA | صفا is to provide the resources that develop faculty potential and empower faculty excellence in these key areas of academic careers.  

Arlie Petters, NYU Abu Dhabi Provost speaks at New Faculty Orientation.