My Student Life

Unforgettable experiences. Lifelong friendships.

Yes, there is life outside the classroom!  Student life at NYU Abu Dhabi involves volunteering with local organizations, exploring personal passions and interests, learning about the history and culture of the UAE, and making new friends from all over the world.

Tatyana Brown

Tatyana Brown

I'm very close to my family. But what's made it better is being here and being surrounded by people who understand what it feels like to be away from home.

Asma Alabbar, Class of 2021

Asma Al Alabbar

The people that we're surrounded with, they come from all over the world, with so many different backgrounds and experiences.

 A Day in the Life of an NYUAD Freshman

Ana Karneza

I am from Slovenia....I am vegan....I am truly blessed to be here.

Jack Adeney

There's so many different things going on. It's such a different place.

Exploring the Emirates

Hafsa Ahmed

I made a few simple resolutions for myself before starting college. One of them was to become immersed in the country where I was going to study. 

The Mountcastles

People are kind of amazed to hear there's not just one or two siblings, there's four!

Sofia Gomez-Doyle

Volunteering eventually led me to the creation of Girls' Education Network that empowers young girls in Abu Dhabi to engage with the world around them.

Kashtah Reveals Beauty of UAE Equestrian Culture

Kyler Meehan

I am simply blown away by the professionalism, hospitality, and standard of excellence at the horse farm in Ajman.