Megan Marzolf

For me, Interclassico is one of the most special parts of the year. In the weeks leading up to the match, students divide to work in secret on rap parodies.

The result is two competing videos playfully roasting the other side, which seem to be highly anticipated by students even outside of the football team.

Sometimes there is even recruitment of classmates who study film to edit the videos to perfection.

The past couple of years’ competition has fallen during Ramadan, which allowed us all to participate in a community Iftar before the match. It’s special to share a meal with teammates and staff that you have spent the whole year training with. 

The whole event is so highly anticipated because it brings the men’s and women’s teams together, along with fans from all classes to participate in a school tradition. It's essentially a Homecoming that we have here at NYUAD, a time to celebrate being a Falcon. At the end of the match each senior receives an NYUAD Falcons scarf, which is put on their shoulders by an underclassmen. It’s a bittersweet moment, a baton-passing and celebration of an accomplishment all the same.