Aigerim Zhusubalieva

I joined the volleyball team in truly unprecedented times - the spring of 2020 when the news of a pandemic would change the way we lived for the coming years. It was a time when a lot of us just arrived on campus, we were joining Zoom classes from our bedrooms, and there were no in-person activities, including physical activities. But somehow, our team spirit persevered. Believe it or not, we had completely remote practices at that time! So, picture me, doing jumping jacks and playing against the wall in my room… In those trying times, from day one, Coach Grace Maina and the team have been a big part of my university life. 

If I have to pick one, game day has to be the highlight of my volleyball journey! There is something very special about facing off against a different school. It not only brought our team closer together but the entire campus too. It’s like everyone came alive with Violet Pride! Friends would come to watch, cheering us on with every hit and block. And the best part? It wasn't just about our game – it was about supporting each other, no matter the sport. It was about the whole community rallying together. Seeing everyone wearing NYUAD colors, whether they were cheering on the sidelines or competing on the court, exchanging well wishes and sharing in each other's victories really captured the essence of the school spirit. It's moments like these that make you realize just how special being part of a team truly is.

Playing volleyball at NYUAD has been an absolute blessing. The lessons learned – both on and off the court – are priceless. I'm beyond grateful for every moment, every victory, and every setback. It's all part of the journey, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.