Addie Mae Villas

It was 1am a few years ago, when I heard the once very familiar but now very foreign sound of rain hitting my windowsill. Shocked, perplexed, and curious, I opened my shade and saw a complete downpour. It was raining! Growing up, rain was always seen as a bummer, something that prohibited me from going outside, or a threat to freshly done hair. But now, after over 300 days of no rain, it felt like a miracle. After finally realizing what was going on, I rushed outside. I was not alone in this thought as the Highline quickly began to fill with others curious and in awe of what was happening. Calling my friends to come outside, everyone began to make their way to the Palms, where it was quickly beginning to flood, both with water and students. 

To put it in context, we had spent our first year disconnected and limited to groups of four due to COVID regulations. This rain dance was the first time I experienced the NYUAD community being a community. Everyone naturally came together, dancing, sliding, and singing in the rain. Looking back, this moment  has always been and will continue to be my favorite moment of my NYUAD experience. It was a time when despite feeling like we had missed out on the typical first year university student experience,, we were able to unite under something as simple yet so special as rain. Now when it rains, although slightly annoying at times, I think back to the late-night dance in the rain and memory of our class finally coming together.