These Are a Few of My Favorite Courses

Fanisi Mbozi, NYUAD Class of 2022.

Name: Fanisi Mbozi
Country: Malawi
Year: Class of 2022
Major: Political Science Major

Even before Fanisi Mbozi had ever stepped foot in the UAE, the country was already one she felt familiar with. Growing up, Mbozi often heard of fellow Malawians traveling to the UAE for business. So when her high school counsellor shared an opportunity at NYU Abu Dhabi, Mbozi began researching it as a serious contender option for university.

The small class structure at NYUAD really appealed to Mbozi. In high school, Mbozi always enjoyed the smaller classes as she can spend more time getting feedback, asking questions, and engaging with her teachers. “That’s how I learn,” Mbozi said. 

The flexibility in being able to take courses outside her major is another thing that drew Mbozi to the desert. “Knowing I can actually do things outside my major and space them over the four years was great,” Mbozi added. 

The Malawian shares a few of her favorite political science courses that she’s taken so far. 

Comparative Politics

For students interested in political science and would like to do an introductory course on it, Mbozi recommends taking Comparative Politics by Assistant Professor of Political Science Melina Platas. Students will learn about the different political systems across the world and its forms of government. With lots of case studies, Mbozi found it a really fun class to take. Not only were discussions engaging, it also gave Mbozi a more tangible way to think about political science research with actual case studies.

Research Design & Causality in Social Science

If you are looking to improve your understanding in the way research is presented, then Mbozi recommends taking Research Design & Causality in Social Science by Assistant Professor of Political Science Peter Cornelis van der Windt. Mbozi found the class a good way to learn the nitty gritty of research work. “Taking the class allowed me to understand the methods used in research papers or the results the authors are discussing,” Mbozi explained, hence making it much easier for her to read through academic articles and provide clarity.

A tip for first year students who would like to roll up their sleeves and get into research work right away but feel intimidated, Mbozi shares her advice to go for it. “Even if you don’t have experience, you can always build them… (and) learn on the job.”