Learning Outcomes

Political Science Program

Upon completion of requirements for the major in Political Science at NYU Abu Dhabi, students are expected to demonstrate:

  1. Capacity to engage the professional literature and acquire familiarity with analytical concepts and principles that are essential for political thinking and understanding of political phenomena
  2. Ability to compare and analyze political systems, the structure of political institutions, and the role of political actors in shaping political life
  3. Ability to use the central concepts and methods to analyze international relations and patterns of conflict and cooperation in international affairs as well as ability to describe strategic interactions of states, international organizations, and non-state actors across a variety of substantive domains, including war, terrorism, trade, finance, environment, and human rights
  4. Distinguish systematic normative inquiry from other kinds of inquiry within the discipline of political science and ability to apply abstract theory to concrete problems by using the ideas of political theorists to address contemporary social issues such as affirmative action and capital punishment
  5. Information technology skills to collect data, present, and document empirical regularities in a wide range of social phenomena, with a particular emphasis on politics
  6. Ability to analyze data and employ qualitative and quantitative methods including research design to conduct rigorous investigation and analysis of a wide range of social phenomena, with a particular emphasis on politics