Doctoral students in computer science at NYU Abu Dhabi conduct research in a number of labs, in the Division of Science or the Division of Engineering.

A computer engineering student at NYU Abu Dhabi tests a haptic device.

Computer Science Labs

Lab Principal Investigator
Computational Approaches to Modeling Language Lab
Nizar Habash
Computational Geometry Lab
Saurabh Ray
Cyber Security and Privacy Lab
Christina Pöpper
Design Technology Lab Azza Abouzied / Jay Chen

Engineering Labs

Lab Research Summary Principal Investigator
Applied Interactive Multimedia Laboratory
AIM Lab research interests include the conception, engineering, and utilization of novel haptic interfaces as a new media in Human-Computer Interaction.
Michail Maniatakos
Cyberphysical Systems Lab
Use of smart devices such as smartphones is ubiquitous in all facets of everyday life. These systems are very complex and generate big data, whence their design, management, and data mining constitute challenging tasks. Our goal is to devise architectures, algorithms and protocols that guarantee an efficient and robust operation.
Nikolaos Freris
Design for Excellence Lab
Electronic chips manufactured today exhibit a higher defect rate, fail more often during their mission-mode operation, die quicker in the field, and thanks to globalization and outsourcing, are more prone to security threats such as counterfeiting, IP piracy and hardware trojans. Our mission is to design these electronic chips with built-in defense mechanisms.
Ozgur Sinanoglu
Modern Microprocessor Architectures Lab
Our research explores all aspects of modern microprocessors.
Michail Maniatakos
Multimedia and Visual Computing Lab
The lab serves as an intellectual hub for faculty, researchers, and students from both the New York and Abu Dhabi campuses to study and address the key challenges in multimedia and visual data processing.
Yi Fang