Notably, many projects funded or presented within the Development research cluster have resulted in publications and invitations for revision, demonstrating the high-quality research produced

Recent Publications

Apr 2023 Associate Professor of Social Research and Public Policy Luca Pedando's research article entitled "Increases in child marriage among the poorest in Mali: ‘Reverse policies’ or data quality issues?"  
Apr 2023 Program Head of Political Science; Associate Professor of Political Science Peter van der Windt regular article entitled "Empowering women or increasing response bias? Experimental evidence from Congo."  
Feb 2023 Assistant Professor of Political Science Gabriel Koehler-Derrick research article entitled "War and Welfare in Colonial Algeria."  
Oct 2022 Global Distinguished Professor of Economic History Robert Allen research paper entitled  "The Economic Origins of the Government."  
Dec 2022 Professor of Social Research and Public Policy Georgi Derluguian research article entitled "The Bronze Age as the First World-System: Theses for a Research Agenda."  
2022 Assistant Professor of Economics Veda Narasimhan research paper entitled "Polity size and local government performance: Evidence from India."