NYU Abu Dhabi Economics Earns Prestigious Ranking

In less than a decade, research in economics has earned global recognition.

In less than decade since NYU Abu Dhabi welcomed its first students and professors, research conducted by the University’s economics faculty has earned global recognition.

Economics at NYUAD is ranked 8th in Asia by Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) out of more than 1,400 institutions.

RePEc is a well-established bibliographic database of working papers, journal articles, books, book chapters, and software components in the field of economics.

An economist himself, Dean of Social Science Hervé Crès says, "Societies face immense challenges but at the same time we have enormous opportunities. By leveraging big data, our studies and analysis can foster sustainable development and urbanization, isolate sources of instability or obstacles, and empower the vulnerable."

Economics Research Highlights

Here is a selection of recent articles and videos about economics research at NYUAD.

Urban Life

For millennia, cities have both lured and challenged mankind, and we wouldn't want it any other way, explain economists Pablo Hernandez-Lagos and Etienne Wasmer.


Morgan Hardy is working in Ghana where youth unemployment is unusually high.

Economic History

Bob Allen says "to understand Middle East economic history, you must first find information about it."

Economic Growth

Yaw Nyarko with the Center for Technology and Economic Development says, “If you’re going to be working on economic development, you should go to the places where people live.”

Game Theory

Game theory expert John Wooders tests Nash's theory on the world's top tennis players.

Labor Economics

Ernesto Rueben investigates gender stereotypes in the job market.

Behavioral Economics

Are the rich more selfish than the poor? Nikos Nikiforakis says the answer might surprise you.