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A Global Community Beyond Graduation  

Katie Stanworth
September 30, 2021

As NYU Abu Dhabi opens its doors to the incoming Class of 2025, we warmly welcome them into our diverse, talented, and curious community here in Abu Dhabi, but also into our global network of alumni who continue to inspire and contribute from their multifarious positions across the globe.

Earlier this year, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Yasir Zaki initiated a project to connect his Computer Science undergraduates with some of the 400 alumni he has taught during his eight years at NYUAD. His aim was to inspire current students with words of wisdom, reassurance, and inspiration from experienced alumni; as well as showcasing the many varied and exciting career possibilities that a degree in Computer Science affords.

He invited a group of alumni to share their experiences - both the highlights and the challenges - in the form of a short video. The response was greater than anything he could have imagined, with more than 60 alumni - each currently pursuing different career paths, in a range of different fields, in countries all over the world - participating in the project.

Here is a selection of the videos. Click to watch or scroll down to learn more about our alumni.


It has honestly been a phenomenal and humbling experience getting all the feedback from the students after reaching out to them. Regardless how busy they were with their work or jobs, they all wrote back and were super excited to help out. It really encapsulates the sense of community at NYUAD that lives beyond graduation.

Yasir Zaki, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, NYUAD

Professor Zaki plays one video at the end of each of his Introduction to Computer Science classes, in the hope that every undergraduate can find someone to relate to or be inspired by. The videos will also be made available to our incoming freshmen, and the initiative is being adopted by other majors across the Division of Science.

Our Alumni

Read more from some of the former students who participated in this project, learn about their favorite NYUAD experiences, and hear their key words of advice.