In the News

NYUAD Arts and Humanities faculty and researchers are frequently featured in the local and international media.

Yemen. The Socotra Archipelago Threatened by the Civil War
Orient XXI | August 26, 2021

How the Yemeni island of Socotra is forging its own future
The National | January 6, 2019

How Yemeni Refugees Photographed Their World
News Deeply | May 31, 2018

The unsettling beauty of the Markazi camp exhibition and the questions it prompts
The National | February 17, 2018

NYUAD exhibition shows life from a migrants' perspective
The National | February 06, 2018

Students in the News

In Professor Peutz's course Extinction, students are asked to write an opinion editorial that in one way or another addresses the following questions: How are we to make sense of what is the current, sixth extinction and of our own responsibility for it? What kind of response does this knowledge demand? Several of their op-eds have been published in various papers around the world.

Can we break the cycle of cultural extinction in Sri Lanka?
What can we learn from our attitudes and actions, and how can we relate its effects to the wave of westernisation that is sweeping away our own culture?
Shalini Corea | The Sunday Times | January 28, 2018

How I can slow down a mass extinction
Becoming aware that large-scale change begins with personal lifestyle choices, we can become more proactive and individualistic about making a difference to global animal conservation.
Devaki Vadakepat Menon | The Hindu | January 1, 2018

India's politicians have lost sight of Gandhi's vision
While we need legislation and international agreements, individual countries and cities can still do so much without them.
Heikke Merilin Raidma | The National | December 18, 2017

Language links to culture
Every two weeks, a language disappears from the face of our planet, and with it goes extinct the history and culture that it has embodied for years.
Matthew Tan | The Star | December 15, 2017

Science fiction is now becoming scientific reality as de-extinction can revive dying species
De-extinction could be exactly what is needed in terms of empirical success to inspire hope for the conservation agenda once again.
Akash Jaini | DailyHunt | December 14, 2017

Are frogs next to go extinct?
Experts believe that humans are responsible for most of the recent mass extinctions, and that we shall be the drivers for what’s coming next: The Sixth Extinction.
Sampanna Bhattarai | The Kathmandu Post | June 21, 2017

Making a difference
Effects of biodiversity loss through deforestation can be seen in mere years, not in hundreds of years or even decades today.
Samridha Man Shrestha | The Himalayan Times | May 22, 2017

A permanent solution to ending the scorching heat
The summer heat is simply us reaping what we have sown. But fear not! There are ways to avoid the heat, while simultaneously doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint.
Juma Rashid Bin Shabib | Gulf News | May 20,2017

I'm a child of peace living in the shadow of war
Merima Sabanovic, NYUAD student and Bosnian, on what it's like being a child of peace who comes from a land of war.
Merima Sabanovic | The National | June 15, 2016

An unapologetic vegetarian
In this world of ever-growing buildings and cattle-grazing lands, being a vegetarian is only a baby step towards sustainability.
Sneha Gyawali | The Himalayan Times | May 16, 2016

Save What We speak
Just like animals, languages go extinct as well. They disappear. People forget them. People forget about them.
Manas Pant | The Citizen | May 15, 2016