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Making Emirati Dialect a Living Language

Isleem hopes his work will spark more efforts to preserve the Emirati dialect especially in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. “We still have work to do to preserve this beautiful culture and tradition.”

A Glimpse of Everyday Emirati Culture

Nasser Isleem's new book highlights aspects of the UAE’s culture, and identifies more than 2,000 Emirati common words and expressions, introducing readers to the everyday spoken Emirati dialect.

Senior Language Lecturer Publishes Book on Emirati Arabic Proverbs

Nasser Isleem, a senior Arabic language lecturer at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), has published a book on common Emirati Arabic proverbs. Popular Proverbs: An Entrance to Emirati Culture focuses on common Emirati proverbs in the language as well as their role in daily Arabic life and culture.

A Study of Modern Architecture in Abu Dhabi, 1968-1992

The astounding pace of current urban development in Abu Dhabi is obscuring the architecture of the preceding decades. But with a new book, and a panel discussion this week, NYU Abu Dhabi Professor Pascal Menoret and his students are documenting some of the city's built environment of the years from 1968 to 1992.

Teaching Emirati Arabic at NYUAD

It sounds more like a calendar of extra-curricular activities than a credit course. Students in Nasser Isleem's intermediate and advanced classes learn Arabic not only in the classroom but through lively immersion in Emirati culture.

On Ramadan

As a long-time instructor of the Arabic language, NYUAD Senior Arabic Language Instructor Nasser Isleem applies studies to his teaching that examine the impact of incorporating Arabic culture integration into a student's course work. Who better then to share what Ramadan is all about?

Immersing In Local Culture for J-Term

This January, NYU Abu Dhabi students took courses in Abu Dhabi but also hit the road. Enrolled in just one course for three weeks, they immersed themselves in the subjects at hand, gaining real-world perspective in what they’d studied in the classroom.

In the News

NYUAD faculty in the Arts and Humanities are frequently featured in local and international news media.

New Book By NYU Abu Dhabi Faculty Offers Innovative Curriculum For Teaching Modern Standard Arabic
NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) Senior Lecturer of Arabic Nasser Isleem has published the third volume of his book Kalima wa Nagham A Textbook for Teaching Arabic
Web Release | February 22, 2020

Why language is so important to cultural diversity
Ever since he first met people from the Gulf in his student days, Nasser Isleem, a senior Arabic language lecturer at NYUAD, has been fascinated by how languages can splinter and evolve.
Abu Dhabi World | January 09, 2019

Two new books investigate the rhythm in Emirati Arabic
'Popular Proverbs: An Entrance to Emirati Culture' and' UAE 101: Stories and Cultural Learnings' explore how to speak Arabic with an Emirati dialect like a native.
The National | October 6, 2018

Why do you need to learn about our unique local language?
The launch of a new book is turning the spotlight on the Emirati dialect in a bid to help non-native Arabic speakers gain a deeper appreciation of the vernacular.
Abu Dhabi World | August 02, 2018