History in the Headlines

The key events you read about in your morning twitter feed or on your favorite news sites are usually not unique in world affairs. They have a background, a context, that makes them more understandable and often more interesting. History is about everything that happened before you started reading this course description. And thinking historically means trying to make sense of the new in the context of what human beings have done before.

In this lecture series, historians and scholars employing a historical perspective in their work will take you on a behind the scenes tour of current events you thought you knew, with the goal of making you a better observer and analyst of the world around you.

This is a two-credit course designed to show students how thinking historically can help them understand better the key issues in the world around them. The weekly 75-minute meeting begins with a lecture by a specialist with the remaining portion of the session devoted to Q&A and discussion.

For additional information or to RSVP for/watch individual talks, please contact Nisha Julie Zacharia, at njz228@nyu.edu.

History in the Headlines (HIST-UH 2117)

Martin Klimke Fall 2021 / Tuesday, 4:05-5:20pm:

August 31, 2021

Introduction / Theoretical Approaches

September 7, 2021

The End of the Age of Angela Merkel: The Impact of Federal Elections in Germany Europe
Martin Klimke
Acting Program Head of Literature & Creative Writing; Associate Professor of History, New York University Abu Dhabi

September 14, 2021 Global Pandemic in National Territory
David Ludden
Professor of History, New York University
September 21, 2021 Environmental Change in the Arabian Gulf
John Burt
Program Head, Environmental Studies; Associate Professor of Biology, New York University Abu Dhabi
September 28, 2021

Islam In Europe
Jan Loop
Professor of Early Modern History and Religious Cultures, New York University Abu Dhabi

October 5, 2021

Data Visualization: Mass Communication or Artful Argument?
David Wrisley
Associate Professor of Digital Humanities, New York University Abu Dhabi

October 12, 2021 Children and Guns in Recent America
Mischa Honeck
Professorship of the History of Great Britain and North America, Universität Kassel
October 26, 2021

Chile 'Woke Up': Political Graphics, Historical Memory, and Social Transformation in Contemporary Chile
Eric Zolov
Associate Professor of Latin American History, State University of New York, Stony Brook

November 2, 2021 Current challenges in Afghanistan from a historical perspective
Shah Mahmoud Hanifi
Associate Professor of History, James Madison University
November 9, 2021 TBC
William Zimmerle
Senior Lecturer, Arts, and Humanities; Affiliated Faculty Member of the History Program, New York University Abu Dhabi
November 16, 2021 Between Rocks and Hard Places: Geopolitics of Net Zero Futures and the Tech Imperium
Sophia Kalantzakos
Global Distinguished Professor, Environmental Studies and Public Policy, New York University
November 23, 2021 TBC
December 7, 2021

Palestine/Israel, 100 Years On
Nelida Fuccaro
Professor of Middle Eastern History, New York University Abu Dhabi

December 14, 2021 TBC
Tansen Sen
Director of the Center for Global Asia, Professor of History, NYU Shanghai; Global Network Professor, NYU

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